Monday, April 2, 2007

Joost invitation Showtime

It's showtime! The latest version of Joost is now available for download
- and it's our biggest release yet.

To celebrate this we have given you 5 invitations - so you can invite
your friends to watch with you.

So! Who wants Invitations?

Joost invitations fro free..or just for a funy Joke! Send a nice Comment, and you will be invited in 48h :)

Joost it ...keep fishing :)


Anonymous said...

I would really like an invite, so please send me one. email:

Gordee said...

Weee I really like an invite please! Thank you sooo much!
gordeea [at]

Joost do it, Joost send me an invite :)
(super lame attempt to joke :P)

Maurizio said...

Please sende me an invite! Big Thanks!!!

Muchas Gracias

Anonymous said...

if you dont have anyway oh well

Dawn T said...

*raises hand, jumps up and down excitedly*

I would love you to pieces if you would be ever so generous as to hook me up with an invitation. Or, anybody who might be reading this!

Pretty please, with sugar and honey and strawberries on top ;)

email: mama_jokes [at] yahoo [dot] com (don't forget the underscore there!)

Anonymous said...

I would really like that, so please send me one, jhi [AT]


Gordee said...

Hmm, you did not invite me in 48h... Was I not picked? :(

I really do want an invite..

Ryan McKenna said...

Hey, Joost really has me curious, if you could send me an invite I'd be grateful!

litenull! said...


Thank you very much!:)

Cesar said...


kameeleon said...


BTW: nice blog...

Enrique said...

OMG!!!! I'm finally in time for a JOOST invite... yeee haaww!!

I'm in desperate need of a JOOST invite, it's a life critical situation and the future of the world depends on you... you can start saving the world by sending me an at

(Request to Spammers: Please Don't SPAM me!)

Nicom said...

Joost say yeah! I really need to give it a try down here in argentina, our cable tv here sucks.

Nuno said...

I would like a invite to Joost, please

Eran said...

joke ? well.. a joke it is :
How would you call a Hippie who's taking a crap ?

A PEACE of crap


thanks guys.

SM度チェッカー said...


出逢い said...