Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ok Joost contest for 2 more ACCOUNTS !!!

Update 22.3.07

I give the other 2 accounts away, because i just received another mail that they would anyway expire today. So Two happy guys were chosen randomly and when they will check their mailbox ...there will be a smile on their faces :)

BUT Its not over jet :) if i will be able to share more accounts of Joost with you, YOU will get them for sure!

So Luck for luck for others today..check back latter for updates!!!

...BUT if you liked the video spot of Slovenia don't hesitate to link it to other websites..and finally why not to choose Slovenia for your next holiday trip?
Whoever is interested in holidays in Slovenia and perhaps Greece also i can give You tons of useful information

Original post follows
Whoever will watch these nice Video Of Slovenian landscape and will link it to other websites ( which will be for sure on Joost too) :) will get the Joost account! I believe it wont be too dificult, and OF course I Advice all to post the video also on other sites!!!
If someone wants to make holidays there...i advice it!!!

OK now <2> I SAY TWO joost account's !!!!!!

Joost said that they wont give more accounts away till the public release will be accessible.
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20/03/07: Last call for beta test on

posted by: Christian Lindstrøm permalink

We're reaching another big milestone this week. After months of testing with many thousands of users, we're ready to move Joost on to the next stage of its development.

In preparation for this we're closing down applications for the beta testing program on the website at the end of Thursday (GMT). Between this time and the public availability of Joost, access will be by invitation from beta testers only.

So this is last call to apply via the website!

The good news is, that everyone who applies before we close will get access to try out Joost within the next couple of weeks - how is that for a treat? :o)

As you can might imagine, this is a very exciting moment for us. A big thank you to everyone who has helped to bring us this far - and to the rest of you, we look forward to inviting you to try out Joost for yourself very soon.